Kashi T-Shirt – Apparel

Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, Florida is named for Kashi, the holy Indian city on the banks of the holy Ganges River. Kashi Ashram, while inspired by the all encompassing religious path of Hinduism, is non-denominational, inter-religious and inter racial, embracing and encompassing all of the world’s great religious paths. All are welcome at Kashi and the Kashi T-Shirt is the official T-Shirt of Kashi and all it stands for. Kashi Ashram has been a sacred place and a sanctuary for all for 34 years and Kali Natha Yoga, a yoga for everyone no matter what your physical health or abilities, was re-borne at Kashi. Kashi also has ashrams in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, and an AIDS orphanage in Uganda. And the Kashi T-Shirt is the official Kashi T Shirt at all these locations. Kashi’s “Feed Everyone” program has served our local Indian River County population for many, many years, and takes care of so many in need of food and clothing. You can wear the Kashi T-Shirt proudly, for it stands for service to humanity, the creed of Kashi Ashram where Ma Jaya, the founder of Kashi Ashram says that “Our only religion is Kindness.” Kashi Ashram Florida welcomes everyone for our Saturday night vegetarian dinner and Darshan with Ma Jaya. Chanting, meditation and words of wisdom from Ma Jaya make for an enchanting, invigorating and inspirational evening. You can buy your Kashi T-Shirt right after Darshan by walking around our “Ganga” pond to Ma’s India Spiritual Gift Store, or buy one or more on-line right now!-

  • The official Kashi Ashram T-shirt!
  • Made from 100% Heavy Cotton for maximum comfort.
  • White T with Kashi Logo emblazoned in red on the chest.

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