SNATAM KAUR/THOMAS BARQUEE: Heart of Compassion – Discount CDs – 25% Off

When experiencing grief or loss, a person can benefit greatly from an aural environment that comforts and soothes. That’s the motivation behind Heart of Compassion, with Snatam Kaur and Thomas Barquee. In Heart of Compassion – from Spirit Voyage Music – Snatam Kaur and Thomas Barquee have put together a collection of songs that is warm and gentle, with a soft spiritual flair. Heart of Compassion begins with the achingly sweet “Ave Maria” from Ashana, one of two songs on Heart of Compassion by the artist, which sets a supportive tone for the album. Thomas Barquee is present with three songs from his various albums, featuring his low, smooth voice against piano, synth atmosphere and Indian instrumentation. Snatam Kaur rounds out the CD with a pair of songs from her Prem and Grace albums respectively, once again maintaining the tender, almost lullaby-esque vibe. Although it may be designed for grief, Heart of Compassion would make a great companion for spiritual contemplation – play this one when you want to lose yourself in meditation or prayer.-

  • Heart of Compassion is a compilation from Snatam Kaur, Thomas Barquee and Ashana.
  • Heart of Compassion is wonderful for healing grief and offering an uplifting environment for meditation.

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