Chants of a Lifetime (with CD) – Krishna Das

The New York Times described Krishna Das as “the chant master of American yoga.” In his Chants of a Lifetime, Krishna Das provides you a cornucopia of offerings: insights, stories and teachings, along with photos of his Indian visits and his kirtan sessions. The Chants of a Lifetime CD, available only in the book, offers “private” chanting sessions with Krishna Das, which provides you with the intimacy of one-on-one with the master.

Krishna Das travelled to India to meet Neem Karoli Baba, a great spiritual master, in the late ’60’s. Through Neem Karoli Baba’s teachings, Krishna Das was drawn to the practice of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion. His kirtan reflects his studies of Indian spiritualism, very present in Chants of a Lifetime. In “Chants of a Lifetime,” this delightful book-and-CD combination, you get an in-depth look at a charismatic individual. You are offered stories previously available only in workshops or private talks. Krishna Das is open about his spiritual journey, its challenges and inspirations and uncertainties. One reviewer claims Krishna Das “writes like he sings: with earthy, quirky, luminous clarity.” –

  • Paperback, 230 pages, color photo insert, CD.
  • “Chants of a Lifetime” contains two main sections: The Journey to India, and Bringing It all Back Home, along with the lyrics for the chants on the accompanying CD.

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