All One – Krishna Das

In the liner notes for All One, Krishna Das explains that he has long desired to record an entire album based on one single chant. That vision comes to fruition with this release of All One, which offers a four part suite based on the “Hare Krishna” chant. Each part of the suite has subtle differences in terms of theme. For example, “Township Krishna” features African percussion and instrumentation mixed with kirtan chanting. Other influences incorporated into All One include pop/rock, Western classical and Western-oriented Indian music. All One was produced by Walter Becker (Steely Dan), David Nichtern, Jay Messina and Krishna Das and features the talents of a 70-member choir and a 20-piece orchestra. The entire session was recorded in one take. Considering the quality of the resultant suite, that was an amazing feat.-

  • Pretty amazing to realize that All One was recorded in one take. Talk about everyone being in sync.
  • All One feathers the talents of a 70-member choir and a 20-piece orchestra, inspired by Krishna Das.

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