Gathering in the Light – Discount CDs – 25% Off

Gathering in the Light is a synergistic union of kirtan master Krishna Das and Prana, Baird Hersey’s illuminating overtone chant ensemble. Gathering in the Light offers an interesting mix of cultures. Krishna Das brings Sanskrit chant to the table; his unmistakable low baritone is up to its usual high level of quality as he provides the central chant on each song (“Hare Krishna,” “Om Narayani”). The voices of Prana present a blend of Tuvan throat singing and multiphonic chant, representing the spiritual traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Their combined singing voices on Gathering in the Light give the songs a spiritual glow, and in some cases, a surprising amount of depth. Backing the artists is light percussion on tabla, hand drum, ghatam (clay pot) and kanjira (tambourine). Truly the best of both worlds!-

  • Gathering in the Light will have you chanting with all your heart and soul.
  • Gathering in the Light is an interesting and vibrant mix of cultures.

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