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Krishna Das, the original purveyor of the “east meets west” phenomenon, expresses his supreme devotion to the divine with One Track Heart, his two-disc live set of devotional kirtans. The instrumentation on One Track Heart is all natural: harmonium, bansuri flute, percussion, ektar, and vocal accompaniment by the merry Kosmic Kirtan Posse, who deliver the “response” portion of these call and response pieces. At times uplifting and at other times downright exhilarating, “Live on Earth” is a glowing example of music expressing the love and unabashed spirituality of the Hindu religion. Over the course of 140 minutes of chanting, we’re presented with complex kirtans like the narrative-heavy “Shri Hanuman Chaleesa” and simpler offerings like “Rama Bolo” and “Namah Shivaya,” the latter of which swells (accompanied by pace-keeping clapping and drum beats) to an epic finish.-

  • One Track Heart is a 2 CD live offering of Krishna Das’s devotional kirtans.
  • One Track Heart is sure to grab your heart and not let go!

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