Krishna Statue with Flute – 6.5″ – Krishna

Lord Krishna is both heroic and divine to Hindus. He participated in battles against demons and advised Arjuna in the art of war and life. Meanwhile, Krishna taught that it is right action that is the ideal path to salvation, rather than the ritual sacrifices and idol worship common in antiquity. Krishna held right conduct would help you in both the spiritual and the material worlds.However, the young Krishna was considered a prankster and spent hours with the cow-herd girls. This Krishna showed us the playful path to God, that you could find God via dance and song. Truly, Krishna saw no limits to reaching oneness.

Our graceful Krishna statue at over a half a foot tall will be a standout addition to your puja or any room. You can also find lovely cards in our stationery section portraying Krishna. If you are a Krishna devotee you will find plenty of materials in Ma’s India to delight you. –

  • Our graceful and sinuous statue of Krishna makes it easy to see how he could charm the gopis.
  • He is so appealing you want to take this Krishna murti home with you.
  • The principle scriptures from antiquity about Krishna are The Mahabharata (the earliest tale), Vishnu Purana, Bhagavata Purana, and The Harivanesa.
  • The statue shown above is made of brass and stands 6.5 inches high.

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