Krishna Trio Poster (6″ x 15″) – Posters

Our Krishna Poster offers three popular depictions of this well-loved Hindu deity. When crawling on his hands and knees, Krishna is called Bala Krishna or Gopal. He is called Gopala in later life, the protector of cows, who watches over animals. His gopi consort (an Indian cowherd maiden) is the faithful Radha. Krishna’s life is both heroic and divine. He is considered to be the 8th incarnation on earth of the Hindu god Vishnu. Krishna’s life story was an awakening to another form of spirituality to the people of India at that time. He came to show humanity that “right action” was the ideal path to salvation rather than ritualistic sacrifices and idol worship. Krishna advised that “right conduct” would assist you both in the spiritual and the material worlds.

Krishna’s life was so big it took many scriptures to set it all down. The principal books about Krishna’s life and teaching are the “Mahabharata” (the earliest tale), the “Bhagavata Purana,” the “Harivamsa,” and the “Vishnu Purana.”

  • Krishna poster size is 6” x 15” long.
  • The poster is printed on a heavy quality paper.
  • The poster shows: Baby Gopal, Krishna with his flute and a sacred cow, and Krishna with his consort Radha.
  • The Sanskrit word “krsna” refers to skin color and means ‘dark blue,’ or ‘black’ or simply ‘dark.’

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