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Kundalini is not some crazy concept only a few esoteric mystics know about—it is the fundamental life force attested to by saints and sages of every culture. Why? Because it is real, it is there, no matter what name you give it. Everything in our universe is made up of energy scientists tell us. Atoms are energy. Your thoughts are energy. Sound is energy. Electricians know how to control, focus, and use physical energy. Spiritual masters, yoga teachers, saints, and the wise have been able to focus spiritual energy since ancient times. We know your spiritual energy lies dormant at the base of your spine until it is awakened. The awakening can happen intentionally, by chance, spontaneously, or even by accident. Awareness is a prime key to a positive outcome from awakening this energy. 7 Dots Media documentary examines this incredible spiritual energy some call Kundalini. The film follows a failing businessman and a wealthy wife on their quest for answers in their lives. Though the two are on the journey via different paths, their goal is a higher consciousness. They are led to kundalini. You are witness to real people and their kundalini experiences; an informative piece well worth your time. –

  • Film is 81 minutes long.
  • Kundalini is an award winning documentary feature film.
  • The documentary is produced and directed by Nitin S. Adsul for 7 Dots Media.
  • Kundalini has been screened in five international film festivals and won several awards.

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