LAMA GYURME: Lama's Chant


As it says in the liner notes to this enchanting CD, Buddhism is not just a religion or a philosophy or a way of life, but a mixture of all three, and the serenity Buddhists aspire to radiates from these chants, filling the listener with a sense of calming peacefulness. Buddhist monk Lama Gyurmé offers five traditional chants, subtly accompanied by composer Jean-Philippe Rykiel’s droning keyboard arrangements. On “Hope For Enlightenment (A Wish For Awakening)”, the chant is a prayer of desire for Awakening, the actualization of all the potential qualities of the human being. “Guru Rinpoche (The Mantra of Padmasambhava)” is a repeated mantra, a Sanskrit formula whose chanting purportedly produces an inner purification in he who recites it. A hypnotic CD that brims with spirituality, this one is highly recommended for practitioners of meditation. — Bret Love

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