Laugh Your Way to Grace – Conscious Living

Laugh Your Way to Grace is a welcome new perspective on spirituality. Laughter was honored by the ancients as a spiritual healing tool and celebrated by the world’s great religions. So why aren’t we laughing along the spiritual path today? What would happen if we did? In Laugh Your Way to Grace, a personal and funny look at humor as a spiritual practice, Rev. Susan Sparks — an ex-lawyer turned comedian and Baptist minister — presents a convincing case that the power of humor radiates far beyond punch lines. Laughter can help you: Remove the fearful mask of a God who doesn’t laugh; Debunk the myths that you don’t deserve joy; Find perspective when faced with adversity; Exercise forgiveness for yourself and others; Reclaim play as a spiritual practice…and more…much, much more. Whatever your faith tradition — or if you have none at all – join this veteran of the punch line and the pulpit in reclaiming the forgotten humor legacy found in thousands of years of human spiritual history. Laugh Your Way to Grace.-

  • Heal—emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  • Keep your faith when God is silent.
  • Live with elegance, beauty, and generosity of spirit.

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