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Mother Lakshmi is one of the most beloved of Hindu deities due to the compassion she feels for everyone, regardless of class or caste. When her devotees go out of their way to gain her attention, Lakshmi responds by granting their wishes.

Lakshmi’s birth took place on the ocean upon a floating lotus flower. She came forth during a ritual undertaken to obtain the ambrosia of immortality. Lakshmi remains forever young; her skin shimmers like gold laced with pearls. All the gods fell in love with beautiful Lakshmi but she had eyes only for Vishu, her consort. It is said each time Vishnu incarnated Lakshmi also took form, that they would meet and get married. Thus when Vishnu incarnated as Rama, Lakshmi came to earth as Sita and their story is told in the Ramayana. (For more information about the Ramayana.) When Vishnu came to earth as Krishna, Lakshmi was his Rukmini. By her incarnations Lakshmi shows you how to love God.

Beautiful Lakshmi is also known as Shri (Sri). She is the goddess most often mentioned in the Vedas. The embodiment of charm, beauty, and grace, Lakshmi is the goddess of light, prosperity, wealth, fortune, generosity, fertility and courage. It is said your heart does not hear your ego when you are praying or praising Mother Lakshmi. It is she who can give you the wisdom to understand awareness. It is awareness that is the essence of God. What a magnificent gift to bring into your home! –

  • The Lakshmi statue (shown above) is the main Lakshmi murti on Kashi Ashram and is honored during Lakshmi puja, a part of fall’s Durga Puja celebrations.
  • Lakshmi is also spelled Laxmi and she is also known as Sri (Shri).
  • Her consort is Lord Vishnu; for more information about Lord Vishnu.
  • Lakshmi’s special month is October, when the festival of lights called Diwali is celebrated in her honor.

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