Lakshmi Batik Wall Hanging – 31″ x 46″ – Batiks & Cloths

Mother Lakshmi seems to be floating in air. Is her dainty foot slowly descending to earth where she will once again grace the land? Or is she ascending, returning to her consort Vishnu? You will have to decide for yourself. Lakshmi, also known as Sri (Shri), is the most frequently mentioned goddess in the Vedas. Perhaps that is because Lakshmi is the life force that pervades creation and as such she is the goddess of wealth, courage, prosperity, generosity, light, fertility, wisdom and fortune. Devotees consider Lakshmi to be the embodiment of charm, beauty and grace.It is said Mother Lakshmi rose with love, compassion and dignity out of Mother Ocean, sitting in the middle of a lotus (the symbol of purity and fertility). As the petals of the lotus unfold, Mother Lakshmi’s love drips into your heart.

In her warrior aspect, Mahalakshmi becomes the destroyer of failure and poverty. She protects her followers from all types of misery and money-related sorrows. Lakshmi wil show you how to love God and it is said your heart can’t hear your ego when you are praying to her. Lakshmi can give you the wisdom to understand awareness. Surely Lakshmi is a powerful friend to have on your spiritual journey. –

  • Lakshmi is also commonly spelled Laxmi.
  • Her name comes from the Sanskrit word ‘lakS’ meaning to perceive or observe.
  • October is Lakshmi’s special month when the festival of lights called Divali is celebrated in her honor.
  • Please note that these batiks are handmade and there might be variation in color and design.
  • The Lakshmi Batik Wall Hanging measures 31” by 45”.

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