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Let Go Now, by Karen Casey, is a book worth reading. Ma Jaya tells us karma is acquired through our reaction or non-reaction to events in our lives. Learning to choose an appropriate action in provoking situations so as to not acquire negative karma is a skill that is not easily learned. Often one needs to make endless mistakes before you finally “get it” and learn the art of detachment. Karen Casey has written a remarkable book to help you. Let Go Now: Embracing Detachment has practical tools to help you strip away certain illusions from your life, for instance the idea that someone other than yourself can make you happy or the idea that you can fix or control another person.

In Let Go Now, Karen Casey helps you focus on finding your own inner balance through the art of detachment. Casey fought free of her own substance addiction and learned valuable lessons along the way which she shares in her workshops and books on recovery and spiritual growth issues. Consider just a few of her chapters: Detachment simplifies our life; or Detachment is simply watching events that are unfolding around you, getting involved only when your journey is part of the experience; or Detachment means taking no hostages; or Those who are the hardest to detach from are our best teachers. There is a wealth of practical advice in Let Go Now, by Karen Casey, a very enjoyable book. –

  • Paperback, 224 pages.
  • Published by Conari Press, August 2010.
  • Read Casey’s story and how she learned to free herself from needing a man to be happy.
  • Two hundred meditations and thoughts to ponder on detachment.

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