Life and Teaching of Sri Anandamayi Ma


by Dr Alexander Lipski.”Seeing the radiant face of Ma Anandamayi and hearing Her laughter, you guess that she is an incarnation of Joy. Touched by the caress of her glance you know that her heart is overflowing with love for all beings. Listening to her teaching, so simple and clear, you understand that she is in possession of all Wisdom. But one cannot say whether it is Joy, Love or Wisdom that is the source of all this, for with her all three are inextricably and indissolubly mingled – one could not exist without the others.The joy with Ma Anandamayi lives is not that which we know in worldly life, where pleasure and pain, hope, regret and disillusionment, attraction and replusion follow on each other’s heels, born one of another. Nor is it an ego-centric calm of stoic rigidity that erects around itself a rampart of indifference. Hers is an overflowing, irrepressible joy that expresses iself in gaiety, that knows no obstacles, because it is deeply rooted in the Absolute, beyond the dualities of good and evil, of I and not-I, of pleasant and unpleasant, because its unshakable base is Love and Wisdom.”Dr Lipski introduces the reader to the life and teaching of Sri Anandamayi Ma in a very brief and emphatic manner.

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