Little Monk's Hanuman – Children's Books

Hanuman is a heroic figure from the Indian epic the “Ramayana.” Hanuman is a god who took the form of a monkey when he incarnated to earth to teach humanity of humility, service, and unconditional love. In Little Monk’s Hanuman, Pooja Pandey chooses to focus her tales on Hanuman’s assistance to Lord Rama in his quest to rescue Sita, his wife, from Ravana (who kidnapped her). Pandey wishes to show her readers Hanuman’s bravery and intelligence.Pandey begins Little Monk’s Hanuman with two stories of Hanuman as a child where this monkey accomplishes feats well beyond the scope of mortal men. She then quickly moves to Hanuman’s meeting with Rama and into their adventures as they seek to return Sita to her home. Pandey ends Little Monk’s Hanuman with the story of the pearl necklace Hanuman is given as a reward. Here Hanuman reveals his devotion to Rama and Sita. The illustrations in Little Monk’s Hanuman are dynamic without being threatening and enhance the understanding of Indian mythology.

Pandey’s text contains a number of carefully chosen words to build your child’s vocabulary. They are set off in the text in bold face with an easy to understand glossary at the end of the book. As you read this book you discover why Hanuman is one of the most loved deities from the Indian pantheon and why children the world over are fascinated by his intelligence and great heroism…and it sure doesn’t hurt that he’s a Monkey. –

  • Hardcover, 64 pages. Published by Wisdom Tree, 2008.
  • Includes eight free good size stickers illuminating high points from the text.
  • Pooja Pandey’s text reveals her adroit storytelling ability and why she’s sought out by young children’s groups.
  • Arya Prahaaraj’s illustrations are most definitely inspired by classic Indian art but lack the classic ornate details. They are colorful and informative.

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