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Ma Jaya Books

The late Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, also known as Tenzin Yangchen (a name given to her by His Holiness the Dalai Lama), or simply Ma Jaya was charismatic, complex, and controversial. As such, she is fascinating and hard to describe. Ma was an unapologetic and fearlessly outspoken AIDS activist, an internationally respected artist, founder of ashrams and Kali Natha Yoga, and a trustee Emeritus of the Parliament of World Religions – and this is just a small bit of the vast scope of Ma Jaya’s love and caring and understanding. Ma has written books, poems, short essays, and handed down words for an ancient form of yoga called Kali Natha Yoga. Change is Ma Jaya’s truest written voice and when you follow her through the changes you discover many facets of the feminine form of divinity. Ma Jaya’s published works are ripe with her love of her children, her students, her country and the earth. We offer the following selections as an introduction of Ma Jaya and her teaching. –

  • Ma Jaya’s poetry is offered in “I, The Mother,” “Bones and Ash,” and “The River”.
  • Meditations offered by Ma Jaya appear in “On Death and Dying,” and “Nine Meditations.”
  • Ma Jaya passed away April 13,2012 at the age of 71.
  • Noted spiritual authors describe meeting Ma Jaya and her work in “The Graceful Guru,” “White Fire,” “The Inner Journey" and "The Encyclopedia of Hinduism.”
  • More, more, more – click on each window and discover another facet of this intriguing being called Ma Jaya.

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