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Images of the popular deity Ganesh are loaded with symbolism. You can delve into the symbols to satisfy your curiosity, you can simply gaze at your Maha Ganesh statue and listen to your own inner wisdom, or simply sit in his essence. There are good reasons Ganesh has been called a god for everyone.

Lord Ganesh is a man with the head of an elephant. His human body denotes your earthly existence. His elephant head is symbolic of your soul, reminding you of his vast understanding and wisdom. There are several tales how Ganesh acquired his elephant head, all of them interesting, none definitive. Ganesh’s wide ears assure you he will hear your prayers. His trunk serves a dual purpose: it shows Ganesh has great strength balanced with a precise delicacy in his actions. You’ll discover more symbolism the longer you have Ganesh in your life. –

  • Objects held on the right side of Lord Ganesh represent reason.
  • Objects held on the left side of Lord Ganesh represent emotion.
  • He is showing you the way to sever attachments and conquer the emotions to attain wisdom.

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