Manifesting Spiritual Wisdom Intensive (MP3 CD) – Ma Jaya 3-day Intensives

  • In Manifesting Spiritual Wisdom by Ma Jaya you will learn the answers to the questions: How do you seek the wisdom deep within your being and How do you manifest the wisdom of supreme freedom?
  • The streams of wisdom are recognized in the heart of your being. When you seek wisdom with a true heart, you will receive spiritual knowledge. Wisdom comes from the space of deep awareness within you.
  • Ma Jaya teaches from profound inner realization. Her style is very direct and carried by a great love that will help you to untie the knots of your heart and overcome the obstacles of your mind. In her colorful, down-to-earth personality and her superb sense of humor, she is the perfect teacher for those who need spirituality to be practical as well as exalted.
  • Experience Manifesting Spiritual Wisdom by Ma Jaya. Learn to access the depth of your innate knowing. Find the depth of wisdom that you seek. Learn the tools to tap into the direct teachings of the source and how to return and drink from that space at any time.
    • Day 1: 49:24
    • Day 2: 77:34
    • Day 3: 53:38

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