Lakshmi Mantra Bracelet – Hindu Jewelry

The Lakshmi Mantra Bracelet is beautiful and very comforting. Lakshmi (also spelled Laxmi) is the goddess of prosperity, wealth and health. She also wants you to be abundant in your heart and soul, not just in your material possessions. Recite her mantra and she will bring you your heart’s desires! Don’t be afraid to ask for what you really want! This is a unique handmade sterling silver Lakshmi Mantra Bracelet, individually crafted so that no two are exactly alike. These are heavy with fine detail that will soften from contact with your body’s oils and, in time, develop an “antique” look. Wear your Lakshmi Mantra Bracelet with love and trust and happiness.-

  • The Lakshmi Mantra Bracelet in sterling silver is 9/16″ wide.
  • Goddess Lakshmi’s Mantra is: Om Shrim Mahalaxmaye Namaha

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