Saraswati Mantra Bracelet – Hindu Jewelry

You’ll love this beautiful Saraswati Mantra Bracelet. Saraswati is the goddess of music, art, learning, speech, wisdom and creativity. The Saraswati Mantra Bracelet embodies all that the goddess Saraswati is. Saraswati wants her children to be fully developed and creative. Often pictured playing her veena instument, she never ventures from that creative space, and neither will you! A unique handmade sterling silver, the Saraswati Mantra Bracelet, is individually crafted so that no two are exactly alike. The Saraswati Mantra Bracelet is heavy with fine detail that will soften from contact with your body’s oils and, in time, develop an “antique” look. Wear the Saraswati Mantra Bracelet and feel the magic of this beautiful goddess Saraswati.-

  • The Saraswati Mantra Bracelet is 9/16″ wide.
  • Saraswati’s Mantra: Om Aim Saraswataye Namaha.

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