Mantra Girl


Combining their wealth of musical experience and passion for chanting, Erin Kamler and Adam Smalley make up the group called Mantra Girl, featuring ancient Sanskrit-based yoga Mantras set to stirring dance rhythms. Erin has been singing, chanting, and practicing Kundalini Yoga for over eight years. A native of Ann Arbor, MI, Erin began her career in musical theatre and went on to compose and sing off-Broadway on numerous albums and in commercials throughout New York and Los Angeles. Her passion for the art of meditative chanting can be heard in live performances throughout the country. Adam has contributed his musical expertise to record production and film music for over 10 years. As a film score producer, music supervisor and music editor, his work ranges from projects such as Thin Red Line and Gladiator to The Lion King and The Prince of Egypt. As a songwriter his music can be heard in A Knight’s Tale, a film that fostered a successful collaboration with Dan Powell, and on numerous records and commercials. A native of Los Angeles,

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