A celebrated figure in the yoga community known for his intoxicating chant sessions, Dave Stringer has been chanting since the early 90’s and has performanced all over the country. JAPA ( a Sanskrit term that refers to the repetition of mantras) was recorded in a series of live studio sessions and features five elongated call-and-response style kirtans. The music is a mix of Eastern and Western instruments, including harmonium, guitar, sarod, saxophone violin, percussion and other sounds. Stringer’s voice is rich and expressive, making a nice counterpoint to his backing ensemble, which includes vocalists Toni Childs, Seane Corn and Donna De Lory as well as Girish on percussion, Domonic Dean Breaux on flute and many others. A fusion of different sounds and cultural elements, this divine mindtrip is one you won’t want to miss.

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