The Explorer's Guide to Christianity


The Explorer’s Guides offer a unique introduction, from the inside, to the world’s faiths, striking a readable and sparkling balance between the personal and the informative, the spiritual and the sociological.Broad-ranging and compassionate, this is a book for everyone – whether the Christian seeking a succinct discussion of their faith or the non-Christian seeking to broaden their understanding of their cultural tradition. This is a book that transcends geographical and doctrinal assumptions and seeks to explore the essence of Christian faith, life, and history, and the issues it faces today.Marcus Braybrooke is a parish priest who was Director of the Council for Christians and Jews (1984-7) and Chairman of the World Congress of Faiths until 1997. His previous books include How to Understand Judaism, Pilgrimage of Hope, A Wider Vision, and Dialogue with a Difference.

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