Faith and Interfaith in a Global Age


People of all faiths and spiritualities are waking up to the urgency and excitement of interfaith activity. In this book, Marcus Braybrooke, a leader in international interfaith activities, tells the story of this growing, world-wide movement, which began with the 1893 World’s Parliament of Religions in Chicago.The book explores the shaping of the global interfaith movement and developments, especially during the last 10 years. It also considers theologies and faith in a religiously plural, post-modern world, the significance of the Declaration “Toward a Global Ethic,” and the search for cooperative ethical responses to critical issues.Marcus Braybrooke, Parish Priest, lecturer and writer on interfaith relations, is also Joint President, World Congress of Faiths and Trustee of the International Interfaith Centre, the Peace Council and the Council for a Parliament of the World Religions.

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