Hinduism & Christianity


by Swami SatprakashanandaJesus Christ and his teachings in the light of Vedanta.In approaching the teachings of a religion other than one’s own, it is not only easier but more enlightening to consider the similarities rather than the differences. The background of Christianity, like Hinduism, is Asiatic. Both religions believe in the Incarnation of God in human form. And in the teachings of both religions, devotion to God and his Grace and love in return are particularly stressed.From the standpoint of Vedanta, the teachings of all the great spiritual leaders of the world are revered and accepted as pathways to the one Supremee Goal. Jesus Christ, like Sri Krishna and the Buddha, is regarded among the greatest human manifestations of divinity. His life and teachings exemplify truths which are indespensable to anyone who is devoted to the search for God.In Hinduism and Christianity Swami Satprakashananda has given these truths perceptive and thorough explanation. With numerous quotations from the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, and a wealth of other stories and illustrations, the book should provide new insight to Hindus and Christians alike. It is meant not to compare the two religions, but to prsent shared spiritual truths for the inspiration of all.

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