Merton & Sufism: The Untold Story


Merton understood the essence of the world’ great spiritual traditions and explains than in ways all spiritual seekers can understand. This most comprehensive collection is comprised of essays by scholars such as Sidney Griffith, Merton’s own Sufi poems, books reviews of Sufi texts, edited transcriptions of his lectures on Sufism given to the Trappist novices at the Abbey of Gethsemani, and a selections of works from which he drew particular inspiration. Also included is Merton’s famous correspondence with Abdul Aziz and Marco Pallis and a photo essay depicting similarities among Sufi and Christian practices.In addition to scholarly articles, this volume includes Merton’s own Sufi poems, insightful book reviews, transcriptions from his related lectures, and a selection of works from which he drew particular inspiration, including the work of Al-Tirmidhi (d.932), which uses fascinating metaphors elucidate the difference between the Breast, Heart, Inner Heart, and the Intellect.”Groundbreaking…. Now the classic on [Thomas] Merton’s enthusiasm for and participation in Islamic contemplative traditions and their expression in both his writing and his life.”–Jonathan Montaldo, Director, Thomas Merton Center, Louisville, Kentucky and editor of Merton’s second volume of journals and The Intimate Merton

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