One God Clapping


by Alan Lew and Sherril JaffeFrom Zen Buddhist practitioner to rabbi, East meets West in this firsthand account of a spiritual journeyRabbi Alan Lew is known as the Zen Rabbi, a man who has been a leader in the Jewish meditation movement and who has worked to bring two ancient religious traditions into seekers’ everyday lives. One God Clapping is the story of his roundabout yet continuously thought-provoking spiritual odyssey. It is also the story of the meeting between East and West in America, and the ways in which that encounter has transformed how all of us understand God and ourselves.Like a Zen parable or a Jewish folktale, this book unfolds as a series of stories, each containing a moment of revelation or instruction that, while often unexpected, is never simple. Like the life of the remarkable Alan Lew himself, One God Clapping is a bold experiment in the integration of Eastern and Western ways of looking at and living in the world.

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