ANUGAMA: Shamanic Dream


SHAMANIC DREAM is one of Anugama’s true masterpieces. Centered around rhythmic, low-tempo drum beats that pulsate in a “heartbeat” manner, the album offers a profoundly soothing atmosphere for balance and meditation exercises. The first track, “Shamanic Dream” is the most percussion-oriented of the three. Joining the beats are drone-like synthesizer textures, wispy Shakuhachi flute wanderings and male vocals that quietly chant “so be it.” The second track, a journey through the chakras, adds synthesized ambience, ethereal vocalese and chirping crickets to the mix. Finally, “Mystical Trance” features the calming sounds of bamboo flute and didgeridoo. Beneath the surface, SHAMANIC DREAM utilizes brainwave frequencies in the theta range, earth energies of the “C” range and other therapeutic sound techniques designed to help you relax more efficiently.

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