Sister of Wisdom


by Barbara Newman.St Hildegard’s theology of the feminine.Barbara Lachman Grant, Mystics Quarterly:”Newman’s penetrating study of Hildegard’s theology of the feminine fills a great need. . . . Although her stated subject is theology, the evidence she brings to bear on her subject comes from the whole range of Hildegard’s writings: scientific, lyrical, doctrinal, epistolary. Newman’s translations are her own and rich; they are from Latin, not from German translations of the text. Her detailed critical apparatus not only grounds her insights and arguments firmly in clearly identified primary sources, but also provides a rich bibliography.”A. McDowall, Choice:”Newman brilliantly analyzes the feminine motifs that appear in the writings of the remarkable Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) who was a prophet, visionary, scientist, cosmologist, counselor, and reformer. . . . This is the first book on Hildegard in English and the only work of any length on her theology of the feminine.”

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