Sourcebook of the World's Religions


This up-to-date edition of the Sourcebook includes: · Portraits of more than twenty religious traditions and spiritual paths · Why and how to build community among religions · Articles, prayers, sacred texts, and quotes by hundreds of inspiring contributors · New material on the 1999 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Cape Town · Documents such as the Global Ethic, the Earth Charter, Code of Ethics Among Religions, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights · Reports on numerous established and new interfaith organizations · Explorations of spirituality and mysticism, sacred cosmology, and seeking peace. · An inspiring Directory of nearly 700 faith-based and interfaith organizations · Links and descriptions for more than one hundred religious and interfaith web sites. And much more.ABOUT THE EDITOR Joel Beversluis is proprietor of CoNexus Press in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he publishes and distributes books and other media on the interfaith movement, religious understanding, and appropriate, spiritually-informed responses to global issues. He has worked in various aspects of book publishing for nearly thirty years, as well as with peace, environmental, and interfaith organizations. CoNexus resources have been published in conjunction with organizations such as the Parliament of the World’s Religions, the United Religions Initiative, the Millennium Institute, Global Education Associates, and the International Interfaith Centre. Beversluis is also editor of the newsletter and web site of the North American Interfaith Network. (Web sites: and

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