WAH: Lokaha


LOKAHA is comprised of two extended-length Sanskrit chants designed to aid the listener in healing and meditation practices. The first, titled “Lokaha” is the more energetic of the two, featuring nearly one half hour of joyous rhythms, harmonium swirls and, of course, the rapturous and lovely vocals of Wah!. Translated, the words of this particular chant mean “may all beings find peace” and Katisse Buckingham (who has worked with Dr. Dre and Chick Corea) is a guest performer on alto flute. The second mantra, “Gayatri” is an extended version of the Gayatri mantra, which was featured on Wah!’s album JAI JAI JAI. This ethereal, meditative offering features a backdrop of airy synthesizer textures and subtle percussion, upon which Wah!’s sublime vocals peacefully float.

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