Ma's India™ Incense


Each fragrance has been hand-picked by our incense experts. Try one. Or try them all. Incense descriptions below are to help you choose. As in music, aromas are described as having notes – base notes and top notes. In aromas, florals, sweet and citrus are top notes; woods and musks are the base. Resinous aromas like Myrrh, Frankincense & Benzoin are also base notes. Often the top and base notes create a blend. Most incenses have their own aromatic range with an after-scent, or accompanying scent. When burnt, incense fills the air with its fragrance, creating an environment of peace, and leaving memories of its particular aromatic flavor. Ones marked with star ** are extra special quality.

• AMBER: Mild; soft aroma. Deep resinous quality. Woody.

• BRINDA: High sweet floral. Gentle smooth top note.
• DELUXE BENZOIN: Resinous, mild, savory, cleansing. Base note male sealant. Vaporous. • ** DELUXE FRANKINCENSE: Mellow, salty side with strong overtones of resinous origins. Memorable.
• ** GOLDEN AURA: High sweet floral, with gentle smooth top note.
• HIMALAYAN MUSK: Spicey deep musk with strong floral undertones.
• KRISHNA MUSK: Mellow, smooth, savory caramel. High note – musk. Outdoors, spacious.
• ORIENTAL BOUQUET: Romantic combination of oiled woods. Clean & rich, floral base. Very feminine.
• ORIENTAL KING: Spicey, pungent and strong. Peppery, highly seasoned, acrid.
• ** PATCHOULI SELECT: Strong high note and base note. Resinous quality.
• PRECIOUS SANDALWOOD: Honeyed wood aroma with earth base (deeper than red sandalwood)
• RED SANDALWOOD: Deep earthy, wooded. Warm and spiced.
• ** ROSE NATURAL: Strong floral scent with high note of rose – sweet and smokey.
• ROSE DURBAR: High sweet floral. Ambrosial. Pungent drapery.
• RUBY MASALA: Mint and roses, spices and herbs. Exotic and moody.
• ** SILVER TEMPLE: Clear white, vaporous quality. Neither fruit or woods but deeper than floral.
• ** SUPREME CHAMPA: Strong, musky & nutty. Sweet floral undertones. All pervasive. Deep wood presence.
• ** TRIPLE AMBER: Rich and strong. Memorable combination of floral and wood scents with deep base note.
• WHITE JASMINE: Very sweet flora, sugary, with deep after fragrance.

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