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Imagine if your meditation session was your favorite part of the day. “It can be if you approach it with love and excitement and treat it like a rendezvous with yourself,” teaches Sally Kempton. Now with Meditation for the Love of It, you can discover the boundless joy that meditation can truly be. Drawing from nearly 40 years of helping students to find a more fulfilling experience with meditation, this inspired and down-to-earth teacher shares an indispensable guidebook for cultivating a rewarding and lifelong practice that explores:How to tune into the “meditation channel” in your consciousness–a bandwidth of tranquility, energy, and joyFocus or let go, the pivotal question of effort in meditationUsing the energy of our emotions as fuel for a more joyful practice and a richer daily lifeHow to let go of your conditioned ideas about yourself and makes space for the true Self to come forthMore than 20 practices for discovering the boundless experience that meditation was meant to offerMeditation is a tool for experiencing the vastness of consciousness and our own inner state of wisdom. Meditation for the Love of It offers a guide that meditators will return to time and again for guidance and rejuvenation.

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