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Meditation is a tool you can use to transform your life. Its primary purpose is to train and calm your mind so that you can heal your physical self. Meditation is also useful to increase insight into your experiences, which in turn leads to spiritual awareness. When you add music to your meditation time you can significantly enhance the dynamics.

Traditional cultures have used music since ancient times. The ancient Hindus believed that the Universe was created from one sound. Drumming was and still is used to help connect the spiritual realms with the physical one. Tibetan bells and Peruvian whistles are used to help you release your energies from earthbound/mundane concerns and move on to more spiritual ones. A prime example of traditional music meditation is our CD Buddha’s Dream with its lovely Chinese bamboo flute and shakuhachi music.

The father of modern medicine, Paracelsus von Hohenheim, used music for curing his patients. He was a Swiss medical doctor who lived in the 1400s. In accordance with the law of vibrations, he prescribed special compositions as remedies for certain emotional, physical and mental illnesses. Dr. Royal Rife took Paracelsus’ work a step further in the 1930s, when he discovered that every cell has its own vibratory frequency and every cell within a specific organ has the same frequency. Our CD Himalayan Sunrise uses these principles in energetic ragas to create an uplifting mood in the morning or whenever your day starts.

The healing qualities of sound are based on providing the tones to the body that it is lacking. Music works because our entire body perceives sound, not just our ears. Meditation music can be used to heal by helping to remove tones that are causing blockages or are inhibiting a physiological process. Dr. Randall McClellan uses the human voice for balancing the charkas. He finds that each chakra resonates to a particular note which is a mathematical distance above the chakra below it. The root (1st) chakra is C, the 2nd chakra is D, the 3rd chakra is E, the heart (4th) chakra is F sharp, the throat (5th) chakra is G, the third-eye (6th) chakra is A, and B flat is the crown (7th) chakra. Dean Evenson is a visionary artist who takes meditation music in bold new directions. He designs his music to create a balance between the natural and the spiritual worlds and it covers a wide range from “Healing Waters” to “Chakra Healing” and even “Sound Massage”.

Today the use of sound and music for healing is rapidly growing. One outgrowth of this movement has been the increase in the kinds of meditation music. Chanting and toning are reaching more people as a way to balance energy and maintain health.The Ma’s India CD called “Inner Peace” by Steven Halpern helps the listener focus on healing energy while encouraging meditation – it’s a mental massage.

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