Breathing Meditation #5


Om Ganesha, As you read these words, breathe out. You will have a desire to breathe in first, do not. Breathe out again on the same out breath. Now one more time, and then breathe in deeply. The ego mind wants the heart mind of the seeker to think it will run out of breath. During the day just breathe out when you think of it, and see how many times you want to breathe in first. Doing this simple breathing exercise will show you that you always have enough breath to live a wonderful life. Now do it again. Just breathe out three or four times on the same out breath (contracting the belly tightly) and then breathe in deeper then ever before. See how much you appreciate your in breath. Soon you will appreciate every breath you take and those you do not. Love Ma Jaya Jai Kali Ma Ki Jai

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