Meditation for Children – Meditation & Pranayama

  • In the midst of the stress, violence, drug and communication problems of today’s families, Meditation for Children presents a sane and practical blueprint for creating strong, close bonds between family members.
  • For parents seeking practical solutions to the tough issues and problems of today’s children, this book contains more than one hundred light, fun exercises that have been shown to spark children’s creativity, engage their imagination and build a positive self-image.
  • First published thirty years ago, this best-selling book has been updated to address the unique problems children face in the new millennium.
    • Its techniques have been widely tested in homes and schools, and been proven to:
    • Calm hyperactive or anxious children;
    • Reduce stress in both children and adults.
    • Put children in touch with their imaginative and intuitive capacities.
    • improve concentration in students.
    • Create trust and enrich friendships.

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