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If you are looking for a method to heal on spiritual, emotional and physical levels, the singing bowl is a classic. Its usefulness in both healing and meditation comes to us from Tibet. Historically the singing bowl is made from a combination of seven different metals. It can be played either by running your hand along the outside of the rim, or by striking them like a gone with a padded mallet or rubbing the mallet around the rim. Each technique creates its own blend of harmonic resonance and rich overtones.

Today many people are looking for alternative or complementary healing therapies as an answer to their health problems. Vibrational healing is the oldest form of healing on Earth and it directly affects the charkas. Singing bowls, when made of crystal, can be created in tones that dissolve energy blockages in a particular chakra. Even singing bowls made of metal bring a sense of peace and well being into your life. A traditional 7 Metal Meditation Bowl is available at our store. This singing bowl produces a full sound when struck with the wooden puja stick that penetrates your body. It comes with its own satin embroidered cushion that is attractive to the eye and helps you focus.

Ma’s India’s simplest Singing Bowl is made from copper colored metal. The design etched on the exterior of the bowl is a primitive Eastern motif. It is our largest bowl and comes with a wooden puja stick.

We carry singing bowls in two gift box sets. Both sets have boxes made from the back of the lokta, a Himalayan shrub that’s been sustainably harvested, so your gift is also ‘green’. The OM Meditation Bowl Box is decorated with the Sanskrit symbol for OM. Its bowl is not traditional yet produces a beautiful clear sound. Simple instructions for its use are included in the gift set.

The OM Lotus Meditiation Bowl Box contains a bowl with a vibrant blue interior and with a white lotus in the center of the bowl. This singing bowl is created from the traditional 7 metals and comes with a pad and a wooden ringer. The instruction insert includes information on the cultural meaning of the art designs.

Available in the store is the book The Mysticism of Sound and Music, by the Sikh master Hazrat Inayat Khan, which helps you understand the essence of harmonic resonance and why the singing bowls are effective instruments of health. The store also carries aromatherapy oils, candles, and incense to enrich your singing bowl experiences.

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