Mini Chakra Kit – Card Decks & Kits

Your chakras are centers of energy within your body and are found where bundles of nerves intersect. At each major nerve junction a chakra is responsible for maintaining your bodyís major organs in that area. This is not a theory; it is a reality documented by Kirlian photography.

The seven major chakras occur where lines of light/energy cross each other 21 times. There are also many minor chakras at junctions of 7-14 light/energy lines. In addition to maintaining physical health, the chakras influence your mental acuity and instincts. Because the chakras are created by streams of energy, chakras are particularly responsive to vibrational healing modalities. The chakras have been studied since ancient times and written about in Eastern literature as early as the Vedas. Our mini chakra kit will provide you with a practical way to begin experiencing healing using your own chakras. Itís a fun way to wellness. Ė

  • Kit contains colored stones in a velvet pouch.
  • You use the stones in healing practices. The type of stone and its color have healing meanings.
  • A leather string is provided to help you manipulate the stones.
  • Your chakra kit comes with a 32-page book introducing you to chakra wellness.

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