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A Kashi favorite: Mists of the Mother is an exotic blend of fragrant oils including majmua oil. Subtle and lingering, everyone will be asking you, “What IS that wonderful fragrance?!” 7.5 ml size. Bottle design may vary from the picture. No animal products are used in this oil, neither has it been tested on animals. This is a cruelty free oil!

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  1. Mists of the Mother is a fragrance so Sacred, that I have only gifted it to my (biological) Mother, and the two Mothers who taught and nurtured me in my Esoteric Studies. After a long day, or working on a difficult / intricate case, I come Home to my Temple and light a tea light in a bowl of water with one drop of this precious oil — and all of my troubles vanish. Were you to ask me if I believe in Magick, I may say “Yes”; but if you were to ask me if I believe in Spirit, I would respond, “Yes, of Course — All is Spirit”. This is a fragrance that you will never forget. Namaste, Bhakti

  2. Mist of the mother has become one of my favorite scents! I have ordered this product several times for myself and gave as gifts as well.
    I am very grateful to find this gem!

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