Maha Moha – Clearance

Canadian singer Wade Imre Morissette (twin brother of popular artist Alanis Morissette) developed his characteristic musical style out of a desire to unite his two passions – yoga and acoustic music. As you can see on Maha Moha, Wade Imre Morissette has a low-key, mellow voice and favors arrangements that possess a subtle pop/rock edge, joining guitar and Western-oriented rhythms with harmonium and drone instruments. Maha Moha – The Great Delusion – presents a mixture of Sanskrit chants and English lyrics, with the deft touch of producer David Nichtern on the arrangements. Maha Moha is an uplifting, peace-themed album that will play well with listeners who enjoy East/West fusion elements in their chant music. Maha Moha has strong production values and captures the heart and soul of Sanskrit chant, spiritual pop and kirtan chant.-

  • Wade Imre Morissette is the twin brother of the popular and talented Alanis Morissette.
  • Following his heart, Wade Imre Morissette created the beautiful East/West fusion of Maha Moha – The Great Delusion.

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