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“In nature we find silence – the trees, flowers, and grass grows in silence. The stars, the moon, and the sun move in silence.” (Mother Teresa)When you read her amazing book “In the Heart of the World,” you find yourself often just wanting to sit quietly. You’ll want to contemplate Mother Teresa’s message as you read her book. This slim volume contains profound insights about life along with engaging stories and lyrical prayers.Mother Teresa began life as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu on August 26, 1910. She was of Albanian descent though born in Macedonia. Agnes was the youngest child in a wealthy family of six.The four children were raised in the Catholic religion, setting her on a life-long path. At the tender age of twelve Agnes believed she heard a call by God to be a Catholic nun. Mother Teresa later read a book about the Jesuit missionaries’ work in India; she knew she had found her destiny.This Nobel Peace Prize winner did not initially begin her life’s work in the public eye. Mother Teresa took her first vows (and spiritual name) at the age of 21, becoming a cloistered nun in India. She taught girls at St. Mary’s School in Calcutta where she became the Mother Superior by age 27, when Mother Teresa also took her final vows. Already Mother Teresa’s organizing and leadership talents were becoming evident.She was 36 when violent, murderous riots took place in India. Mother Teresa again heard what she believed was God’s voice telling her to help the poor. Two years later Mother Teresa was given permission to leave the cloister to work in Calcutta’s slums. Her public ministry began.Just four years later Mother Teresa opened her first ‘House of Dying.’ A scant three years later she opened the Children’s Home. Funds came, along with growing public recognition. Mother Teresa drew committed followers as well to her projects to aid humanity and two years later Mother Teresa was able to begin her mobile leprosariums. When she was 69, Mother Teresa’s work was recognized internationally when she received the Nobel Prize for Peace. Mother Teresa worked vigorously for the world’s poor until her death in 1997 at the age of 87.

When you read “In the Heart of the World” you glimpse the inner Mother Teresa through her own words. The volume is an intimate autobiographical portrait. She describes daily life experiences that touch your heart. Mother Teresa shares with you some of her devotional prayers and the spiritual wisdom that allowed her to serve humanity without burning out for almost six decades.

  • 105 pp.
  • A collection of Mother Teresa’s profound thoughts, devotional prayers and heart touching stories.
  • About a life on the spiritual path lived with simple kindness.
  • The book inspires your own compassion.

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