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David and Steve Gordon are innovators. Over the course of their 30 year career they have consistently pushed the boundaries of musical styles, and their albums have been pivotal in shaping the changing landscape of ambient, worldbeat and downtempo music. Both David and Steve Gordon are award-winning producers, as well as composers, classically trained instrumentalists, DJs, and the founders of Sequoia Records, which they have molded into a world-class record label since its inception 25 years ago. Inspired by the tranquility of Sequoia National Park, David and Steve Gordon became a pioneering force in the realm of ambient music by using nature sounds as a part of a musical composition – a novel approach that had not been accomplished prior. Their albums, including Garden of Serenity and Soothing Sanctuary, have been perennial best-sellers, garnering acclaim from industry professionals and finding favor with spas, yoga studios and meditation practitioners. Pulse Magazine referred to their albums as “intimate, quiet, serene and spacious”.-

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