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If you’ve ever had a pet, you would have, at least once, come back home after having a bad day and said to it, “I wish I was like you. You’re always so happy!”

Gilles Moutounet, a successful marketing manager in a high-powered job, had never been interested in animals and was against his wife’s idea of getting a dog for their two daughters. However, when Skotti, a cute springer spaniel, joined their family, Gilles was surprised to find how much his life was transformed for the better from their new companion.

In this book, the author shares the wise lessons he learned about life from observing Skotti, which include: Trusting Life/ the Universe to supply our needs * Living in the now * Expressing gratitude for what we have today * Taking time to enjoy nature * Being patient with the processes of life.

Down-to-earth, funny, and full of quotes from authors such as Eckhart Tolle and Paulo Coelho, this is an uplifting book that will bring warmth and joy to the hearts of its readers.

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