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Many Tibetan refugees settled in Dharamsala, India after the Chinese occupation. Here they continued Tibetan traditions, including making prayer flags. Our Mystic Animal Prayer Flags are in Tibetan style with the wind horse in the center guarded by four powerful animals: the snow lion, a dragon, a tiger, and a composite animal called Chu-srin or sea monster. The most popular symbol on today’s prayer flags is the wind horse. The wind horse combines the strength of a horse with the speed of the wind to carry your prayers and intentions from earth to heaven. The wind horse is a symbol of success or good fortune. On the Mystic Animal Prayer Flag the dragon is one animal guarding the wind horse. Dragon’s main characteristic is its power along with its ability to control the seas. Dragons awaken you from delusion by their compassion which arrives via thunder. Dragons improve your auditory learning ability. Another animal guarding the wind horse is the tiger, which instills confidence. Tigers protect the forests and able to be relaxed yet full of energy because they are enlightened. Snow lions are fearless and watch over the mountains. They symbolize unconditional cheerfulness, have no doubts, and are known to be precise and clear. The snow lion’s beauty comes from its inner balance between mind and body. The last animal guarding the wind horse is a hybrid form, a sea monster. It is symbolic of your victory in the internal fight against disharmony and disagreement. –

  • The Mystic Animal Prayer Flag is made by Buddhist nuns living at the Dolma Ling Nunnery in Dharamsala.
  • Hang this prayer flag to promote good fortune and decrease danger.
  • The five colors on this flag represent the five basic elements: air, water, fire, earth, and sky or space.
  • Please burn old flags, releasing the last of the prayers into the air.
  • The individual flags are 6” high by 4” wide and the entire set is 6’ long.

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