Nag Kanya Statue – 4″ – Miscellaneous

The Nag Kanyas came into being from the cobra Ananta, who serves as Lord Vishnu’s vehicle. Their heads and torsos look like beautiful women while their lower bodies resemble a snake. The dual image led to them being called Snake Girls or Snake Maidens. The abiding image one perceives is one of strength, both physical and spiritual. Her Sanskrit names means “the virgin” or “the maiden of the nagas.” The Nag Kanyas serve as protectors of the Law of Dharma.

Nag Kanyas bring you treasures, particularly that ultimate treasure wisdom. Wisdom is represented by the gem-like or diamond pattern on the cobra’s hood and the jewel imbedded in Kanya’s forehead. The Hindus of Rajasthan and India revere the Nag Kanyas as symbols of purity and sacrifice. Anyone can use a little more wisdom in their life and perhaps more purity too. Let our Nag Kanya statue grace your home and remind you of the treasure that awaits you. –

  • Our 4” high Nag Kanya Statue is made of a composite that resembles ivory.
  • It is washable with warm water and mild soap.
  • The composite is highly durable and contains exquisite details.
  • The Nag Kanya statue gleams from wee beads in its structure.

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