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Namaste is a lovely word coming to us from antiquity. The word represents the belief that your heart chakra is where the Divine rests within you. Each part of the word has a meaning. The beginning sound “Nama” means bow, the “as” means I, while “te” translates as you. Put the words together and you get “bow I you” (literally) or more colloquially “I bow to you.” The word bow does not mean you are feeling subservient, rather that you are respectful. When said between people on a spiritual path, Namaste’s meaning goes deeper—“The Divine spirit in me recognizes the Divine in you.” Namaste is particularly touching when the greeting is done with hands pressed together next to the heart chakra between people of different religions. When you bring your hands to your heart chakra with the palms pressed together, you raise the level of Divine love flowing to you. If you additionally close your eyes and bow your head as you say Namaste, you help yourself accept the Divine that resides within your heart. You can use saying Namaste as a meditation technique. At the start of your meditation close your eyes, bow, and greet yourself saying Namaste. This greeting helps you dive deeper into the well of love within your heart chakra. –

  • This wooden Namaste plaque is a simple piece of wall art that you can use to greet your guests.
  • You can hang it on the wall inside your house or out
  • This Wooden Namaste plaque is a perfect addition to the entrance of your home either next to your front door or in your foyer.
  • This smaller Namaste plaque size is 8″ wide x 4″ tall. (Remember, it comes from India so sometimes it could be a little bigger or smaller)
  • Remember Namaste plaque comes from India so the size can vary slightly.

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