“Namaste” Whimsy Wish Necklace – Out of Stock

The Namaste Whimsy Wish Necklace is a fun way to give a greeting from your heart. Namaste means the divinity in me greets or bows to the divinity in you. In other words, I recognize that we are all one, all the same. Traditionally, the two hands are brought together in prayer position when greeting someone(s) by saying Namaste. This salutation is spoken both at the beginning and end of interactions. It is a greeting and a farewell, not unlike “Shalom” and “Aloha.” Greet the world with our sterling silver, brass and copper “Namaste” Whimsy Wish necklace. And see how beautifully your day reflects this heartfelt prayer.-

  • The Namaste Whimsy Wish Necklace also has fresh water pearls.
  • The 18″ ball chain is included.

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