Nataraj Sequin Cloth Print – Clearance

Competing colors jump out at you from our vivid Nataraj Sequin Cloth Print. Stimulating red draws your attention while almost fluorescent yellow leaps out of the background framing the dancing Shiva’s wild locks.Shiva is shown dancing on one foot. It is said if he puts both feet down on the earth at the same time the earth will crumble. When you look at those powerful thighs and calves you can see why that’s said. The Nataraj shown here seems to be power incarnate.Yet yellow flames surround him. Yellow is the color of optimism, happiness and enlightenment. The deep golden yellow of the elaborate framework encircling Nataraj in particular carries a promise of a positive future. Meanwhile the red surround competes for your attention. As you gaze at the red can you feel your pulse or heart beat speed up? The color red inspires confidence and encourages you into action. It can even give you a sense of protection from anxiety and fear.

The Nataraj is ripe with symbols. The ring of fire stands for the perpetual cycle of creation, destruction and rebirth. Nataraj is dancing on the back of a demon who symbolizes ignorance and ego. You reach Enlightenment by vanquishing them. Nataraj holds a damaru in one hand, symbolic of creative activity. The cobra around Shiva’s neck represents cosmic energy, while the dance, itself, is the moving force of the universe. There is much to learn from this art piece, or you can simply enjoy its colorful merits. –

  • Nataraj is the name given to Lord Shiva when he is shown dancing on one foot.
  • There are many symbols in this cloth print to learn about and enjoy.
  • Color emphasizes the story behind the dancing form of the Nataraj.
  • The Nataraj Cloth Print measures 30 by 40 inches.
  • Gold sequins have been sewn on by hand to embellish the print.

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