Nityananda In Divine Presence – Swami Nityananda

The lives of great saints and gurus cannot be adequately captured in a mere recording of their words. Devotees have found this day’s truth can be tomorrow’s lie and real truth seems to reside within a paradox. In the case of Nityananda, the details of his life are a mystery, his behavior enigmatic. Fortunately for us, Swami Chetanananda collected stories from people who had direct experiences of Nityananda. In the process, Swami Chetanananda learned of Captain M.U. Hatengdi, a retired Naval Secretary and a long-time disciple of Nityananda. Captain Hatengdi had written a few articles about Nityananda and had been encouraged to write a biography, but found few authenticated incidents of Nityananda’s life. It was when these two combined their resources that this volume was born.

The stories related by the authors are easily read and capture pieces of Nityananda’s boundless love, compassion, wisdom and great simplicity. You begin by reading Hatengdi’s remembrance of his time with Nityananda, discovering for this one life on the spiritual path it was not always smooth sailing. Then you continue to explore Nityananda’s life chronologically through the stories of people he counseled, startled and even surprised. A portrait of the infinite variety of his nature emerges and the essence of Nityananda seems to exude from the pages of the book. You find yourself being touched by a divine presence. –

  • Paperback, 168 pages.
  • Published by Rudra press, 1998.
  • In addition to the enlightening stories about Nityananda, the book contains a helpful map, photos, and a glossary of spiritual terms and places.
  • Hinduism Today calls Nityananda: In Divine Presence “continually uplifting.”

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